A Love Letter Kind of Life

I want my life to be a love letter.

The kind that you keep in a box long after goodbye has been said. The kind you take out on Sunday nights when you want to remember, and you hold it with care, with unnecessary gentleness because it’s just that good.

It’s just that full of memory and light and tears that you can’t help but cry a little as you smile because out of all the people in this world, that love letter was mailed to you all those years and kisses ago.

I have some people who wrote their lives on my heart like love letters, and when I need to remember that I matter, I read them again.

And I think to myself, have I done it? Have I made my mark on more than just a stack of papers that my fingertips have touched? Have I written my life like a love letter on the hearts of the people who needed more love, who needed a truth to read in the bleak moments where they believed they were not enough?

I want my life to be a love letter.

So that when I go, when the pen falls as I’m called home by my King, you’ll still have something of me to read.

So that you can unfold the moments and smooth out the creases between then and now, and you can remember that you’re loved and you’re beautiful and that your life makes music that we all want to sing.

I want my life to be a love letter. And I’m starting tonight, with my heart and my mind, so that the letter I leave will be well worth the read.

-Jessi Sanders 2012


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