Never Change.

The thunder still rumbles
within my chest,
but the lightning doesn’t
follow anymore.

Standing in the deep green
grass, I smelled the rain
and I waited…
but it never came.

Some things never change.

The light switch still flips on
inside my mind,
but the bulb has broken and
now it doesn’t shine.

Standing out on the long stained slab
I crossed my empty arms over my
empty chest and I waited…
but you never came.

Some things never change.

There’s a missing part,
there’s a broken piece;
that’s the way it is now,
the way it will always be.
It can’t be fixed,
and it can’t be changed.
Not today.

So the thunder growls all alone
and a smile begins and dies again on half-curved lips,
and the switch flips in its futile track.
And we still can’t take it back.

And we stand a million thousand heartbeats
and we wait:
for calls we never make
and songs we never sing.
Plane rides we’ll never take
and dreams that will never fade.

We stand, alone.

And we wait.

Some things never change.

-Jessi Sanders 2012


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