For His Eye Is On The Sparrow

I think that if I were not a human being, I would be a bird.

And this has a lot less to do with Allie & Noah than you might think.

See, birds sing. And if you’ve ever greeted the dawn with your head thrown back and the wind in your hair, then you’ve heard them saying hello to the sun in such a beautiful way that you wished you could join in. For me, birds have given the sunrise a sound just as much as God gave it a color.

Birds make their nests out of nothin’. They have eyes to see the extraordinary in the everyday, and I want eyes like that. Eyes that can look at a stick, at a straw, at a piece of fallen grass and see something vital, something I can use to push on forward through life. I have to think the world might be better if we all had eyes like that.

Birds teach their children how to fly. I want to be a mother like that. A friend like that. A daughter like that. A woman just exactly like that. Who can say “Those things you’ve been dangling down by your side? They were made for so much more than what you’re using them for, baby. You were made for so much more than you’re doing right now, baby. And I tell you, I can see it. When I close my eyes, I can see you. And you’re soaring, baby. And you’re so beautiful up there, flying high. Let me help you spread your wings now, baby. Let me help you use them right.”

I believe it to be true that I have seen birds dancing through the treetops. I know, dancing sounds like a silly thing for a bird to do, but I promise you, I have watched birds dance across the sky, doing more loops and circles and curlicues than the stars ever did on a Tuesday night in the ballroom, and I can promise you that my heart was holding up a high ten. I want to dance through life like that. So that I might dance a smile right onto your face and give you a reason to turn those sittin’ shoes into dancin’ shoes. We’ll dance our way through it all together, now.

Yes, I have to tell you, I am thinking that if my God hadn’t tucked and folded this immeasurable, magical thing I am calling my soul into this body of mine, I am thinking that He just might have given me wings.

-Jessi Sanders 2012


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