I found a fierce beauty in an old building yesterday.

I sat on a hard bench in soft air filled with music and I gazed at the walls
holding that musical air in like a man holds the woman he loves tight.
These walls were imperfect.
The ceiling was water-stained and the wood was warped
from days when the storms rolled in.
And the left hand corner was painted a faded shade of light blue.

While I stared at that corner I came to believe that fierce beauty only
comes to stay in the places that sorrow has carved into craters.
It only comes from a deep understanding of the cotton fields
your God has brought you through.
It only comes from the very hardest kind of knowing,
the knowing that some corners must always stay painted blue,
because we must always remember the history of the dust on our shoes.

And I came to believe that our hearts surely must all be like this old building.
The hearts of humans must all be warped and water-stained
and battered and bruised.
But on the very best days when we look at the places we’ve all come from,
when we lay down stones in significant spaces to make sure
we will never forget,
when we clap our hands into a music that is honest and true…
In these moments we are painting
all of the most important corners of ourselves
a fiercely beautiful faded shade of light blue.

-Jessi Sanders 2012


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