A Place Past Lines.

I want to go somewhere past power lines.

Somewhere that I can really see the sky.

Somewhere that the sunrise isn’t blocked and cut into pieces by lines and poles.

These strips of wood and metal which bring us closer together without us ever even breathing the same air in.

But that’s not really together, is it?

I want to go somewhere past any kind of hurtful line at all.

You know the ones I mean.

The ones that used to tell us which water fountains were compatible with our skin. The ones that crossed and crossed until rainbow colored clothing became scandalous. The ones in public school cafeterias that tell you at which table you can sit and at which ones you are not welcome to eat your sandwich while you read. The ones that ever made you feel like you weren’t good enough. Smart enough. Any kind of enough that kept you sitting silently on one side of a line that should  have never been thought up.

I want to go somewhere past fault lines.

The ones that people carry in their chests.

The ones that sit on a beating thing like my heart and just ache with the sitting. Just ache with the carrying.

I want to go somewhere past lines drawn in coloring books.

Let’s color in all the blankness on those pages now.

Let’s use all the colors now.

I want to go somewhere past every bit of these lines.

And I don’t know where that place may find me.

And I know that this hope in a line-less life is not in vain. Because this world has already known the power of a pair of Hands which cross every kind of line we humans have ever made up.

And I believe that those same Hands are building, even now, a place emptied of lines and filled with grace. With love. With peace and joy and praise.

And I can’t wait to share that space with you.


-Jessi Sanders 2012


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