The Moving Forward.

The sun rises and it sets.

And the world spins ’round again.

Trains press on along their tracks, we all push forward, always forward, there are no steps back.

I drive deeper into the night, pausing at red lights and stop signs. And some part of me that somehow feels ancient sings softly to the sound of life moving inexorably on.

And while I’m driving further into and further out, singing to these sounds, I’m watching all the other people in their cars.

And sometimes they aren’t singing.

And I feel sad when I see them sitting quietly in their fast, fast cars.

Because really, we just get a season to make a difference. Just a season to do something with the moving forward.

And we’re all racing ahead, trying to gain ground.

And the grass grows and we cut it down.

-Jessi Sanders 2012


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