Where the Light Gets In


We are like vines.

Twining around each other,

reaching up and down,

twisting into sun and wind and cloud.

Flowers blooming bravely

into the places that once were dark.


Flowers in the desert places

which you have watered

into a field of things

which if they could see,

would take their breath away.

And they would whisper one word,

the only word our flowers

ever learned to shout:



And no petals fall,

and no one recites the nursery rhyme

that taught us the duplicitous nature

of something that looked like love

but tasted only like wanting.

As if you never knew someone

could love you; love you not.

As if we never learned that people

change like seasons,

that hearts freeze over

like rain turns colder

into snow.


As if we only ever knew

how to be like vines,

growing into and through

the cracks in the concrete

that has tried so hard

to keep us



-Jessi Sanders 2013


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